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Schrader’s main strength lies in the personal involvement and professional know-how of its teams, both of which are indispensable assets for the company’s evolution. With 119 years of history and expertise in the automotive industrial sector, Schrader teams share common values of respect, responsibility and excellence.


Our Human Resources policy is largely based on the in-house mobility and evolution of our employees. The profiles regularly sought are above all technical: quality technicians, methods and production engineering technicians and engineers, design office technicians, mechanical engineers, and sales engineers. Machining expertise (machinists on traditional or digitally-controlled machinery) is also highly sought after to work within our production teams. The preferred candidates have several years of experience in an industrial environment. Fluency in English is essential for the positions of engineers, technicians and sales people focused on our customers and suppliers. One of our priorities is to foster learning in all areas of the company (techniques, methods, production and sales administration), apprentices thus constituting tomorrow’s workforce and the future talents of our organization.

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A personalized integration process facilitated by our managers allows new recruits to discover the organization and culture of the company. This process is complemented by training schemes in order to develop the potential of our employees and increase their loyalty. The development of skills is based on a training offer that meets the needs of the company as well as the advancement objectives of the employees as expressed during their annual interviews.


The company also offers numerous fringe benefits for its employees, notably private health and long-term disability insurance policies, thirteenth salary, profit-sharing schemes, restaurant vouchers, and holiday bonus. The works council completes this offer with other important aspects: holiday vouchers, Christmas shopping vouchers, Christmas show and gifts for the children of our employees, day trips, tickets at reduced prices (cinema, theatre, swimming pool, etc.), possibilities to benefit from different products at negotiated prices, and much more.


With its rich history, deeply rooted in the local landscape, and located in the heart of one of the best regions in France offering a wealth of outdoor activities, our employees are particularly attached to our company. Team spirit is one of the keys to our success. It is therefore no coincidence that sports activities are regularly organized by the Schrader in-house sports association, the Club Plein Air, all year round. These activities are special moments to improve collaboration between employees, who can meet and exchange in another, more fun context outside of work.

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