Schrader know-how, worldwide valve manufacturer

Schrader offers innovative solutions for the control of pressurized fluids

Schrader is an expert in the design and manufacture of valves for all pressurized systems. The company boasts extensive know-how in fluid management and fluid mechanics.

A multidisciplinary team of engineers innovates on a daily basis to develop new valves that meet all your specifications.

In order to propose high-performance valves, the R&D and Innovation teams are specialized in the knowledge of metals (heat treatment, surface treatment, anti-corrosion treatment, etc.), in the behaviour of elastomers, in mechanical finite element simulation, and in the simulation of the behaviour of fluids.

Thanks to its knowledge in the measurement of physical units such as temperature and pressure, as well as its expertise in mechatronics, Schrader integrates new functionalities into its product range by making the valves active. This allows for better fluid management.

Schrader’s large laboratory validates all of the valves depending on their conditions of use:

  • pressure and temperature cycling tests;
  • corrosion tests;
  • ozone tests;
  • vibration tests;
  • measurement of leak tightness and permeability;
  • high speed spin tests;
  • measurement of the mechanical properties of materials, etc.

The laboratory also develops its own testing facilities in order to reflect the customer’s specific environment.

Schrader, highly automated industrial machinery

Schrader uses specialized machinery for :

  • machining (all types of metals);
  • plastic moulding;
  • extrusion of rubber;
  • overmoulding of rubber;
  • assembly with measurement of fluid characteristics such as leakage, flow rate, opening pressure, closing pressure, etc.

Most Schrader valves are safety classified. Schrader thus has extensive experience in guaranteeing 100% of both sealing and calibration levels.

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