Schrader, inventor of filling valves for tubeless tyres

Schrader has over 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of tyre valves for all types of vehicles :

  • cars;
  • trucks;
  • buses;
  • aircraft;
  • earth-moving equipment.

Schrader offers a complete range of tyre valves with different attachment models, lengths and materials to fit all types of rims.

The valves frequently used are TR414, TR413 and TR600 tubeless valves.

Whatever the type and application of the Schrader tyre valves, their manufacturing integrates special monitoring and specific controls to guarantee the best quality and optimum safety.

All Schrader valves are inspected to ensure their sealing properties and marked for traceability.

Schrader, a centre of expertise for tyre valves

Schrader also has a laboratory dedicated to the qualification of tyre valves, and has developed test benches to recreate the conditions of actual use of the valves by varying rim speed, pressure, temperature and ozone parameters.

Schrader has innovated through the development of tyre valves for under-inflation detection systems. Today Schrader is the world leader in this field, currently manufacturing 100 million valves per year for detection systems.

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