Innovative solutions for fluid control

Leader in the design and manufacture of valves

Schrader Pacific Advanced Valves is the world’s leading manufacturer of valves, with some 2,000 products and an industrial base that enables it to deliver 200 million units per year. Schrader Pacific Advanced valves are widely recognized for their reliability thanks to over one hundred years of know-how and expertise combined with a policy of continuous improvement.

Today valves designed and manufactured by Schrader SAS are used by manufacturers of thermal combustion and electric vehicles, especially on wheels, air conditioning and engine. Schrader SAS also offers a wide product range for hydrogen vehicles.

Innovation in the control of pressurized fluids

Over the decades, Schrader Pacific Advanced Valves has established itself as the leading specialist in the control and management of pressurized fluids thanks to the development of innovative valves and solutions.

Schrader SAS's research and development department works daily to advance its technologies to meet the needs of the automotive, industrial, aircraft and medical industries. Several ranges are studied : charging valves, check valves,  pressure regulators, safety valves as Pressure Relief Valve and Thermal Relief Valves, connectors, active valves, dosing systems.

A wide range of solutions and services for tyre maintenance

Schrader Pacific Advanced Valves also offers a wide range of after-sales items for workshop equipment, tyre maintenance for passenger cars, trucks, or earth-moving equipment. These notably include valves, Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), and inflation, repair and balancing equipment. Through its customer service, marketing support, training offer and online sales, Schrader Pacific Advanced Valves daily enables its customers to increase their performance levels.