Earthmover- OTR manual and hydraulic bead breakers

Schrader SAS earth-moving equipment

Industrial vehicles and earth-moving equipment are capable of carrying out all types of mining, road, real estate and other development projects.

Schrader SAS offers specific, high performance equipment for the maintenance of these special tyres.

Schrader SAS provides adapted solutions for the mounting and removing of tyres for earth-moving and public works equipment (1-, 3- or 5-piece rims).

The use of Schrader SAS manual bead breakers, ring breakers and hydraulic bead-breakers allows you to work safely while saving time when changing these types of tyres.

Schrader SAS also offers a wide range of essential accessories such as couplers, hydraulic hoses and hydraulic pumps. Our various blocking devices, such as wooden or unbreakable and anti-slip plastic wedges, ensure the safety necessary for professional quality work. For lifting requirements, we offer pneumatic lifting bags and specific jacks.

Schrader SAS training in civil engineering

Schrader SAS’s certified civil engineering training centre has been set up to provide you with the skills required for the use of Schrader SAS products in the mounting and removing of tyres for earth-moving equipment.

Training is essential to know the full procedures and to be able to safely operate Schrader SAS manual bead breakers, hydraulic pumps and hoses, ring breakers and hydraulic bead breakers.

This training can be done either in our training centre in Pontarlier or on your premises.