Tire products

Thanks to Schrader Pacific Tire Hardware Solutions’s aftermarket expertise, you will find a solution for all your needs in :

  • repair workshop equipment;
  • tire maintenance and servicing solutions and products;
  • TPMS for passenger cars and earth-moving equipment;
  • training.

On our production site in Pontarlier, in the French Jura Mountains, our teams work on new product design, the production of valves and mechanical components for TPMS sensors, professional inflation gauges, and repair workshop equipment. Pontarlier is also our centre for the storage and distribution of aftermarket products in connection with all of the tyre specialists.

The Aftermarket Department offers the most complete range to cover the needs of passenger vehicles, trucks, and earth-moving equipment :

Tire pressure valves and sensors (TPMS)

As the world leader in valves for the automotive industry, we are very attentive to the requirements of OE manufacturers. We share their experience and requirements with our after-sales partners. You thus benefit from valves and TPMS offering the best quality and safety on the market.

Valves for trucks, agricultural and earth-moving equipment, civil engineering OTR TPMS

Schrader Pacific Tire Hardware Solutions’s experience and know-how give you access to professional advice to find the right valve, universal stem or valve extension. For your safety and optimized fleet management, our OTR TPMS system and Checkpoint® loose wheel nut indicators are an absolute must.


A full range of professional quality inflation gauges (also known as pressure gauges or inflation guns) are designed and manufactured on our Pontarlier site, and guaranteed and certified by the French National Laboratory of Metrology and Testing in accordance with Directive 2011/17/EU. This is why Michelin has been working with us for more than 30 years, choosing Schrader Pacific Tire Hardware Solutions for the manufacture of its EURODAINU and EURODAIRA pressure gauges and controllers. We can also offer private labelling pressure gauges (with logo) for tyre manufacturers or distributors. Conditions on request.


To ensure the best possible tire repair service, our certified training centre offers practical modules for increased proficiency in cold and hot protocols. Tire punctures and pinching will hold no more secrets for you! Whether for consumables such as “mushroom”-type repair parts, patches, rubbers, solutions (or glues), etc., or for equipment such as pneumatic grinders, extruder guns, vulcanizers and so on, Schrader Pacific Tire Hardware Solutions has everything you could possibly need.


The balancing of wheels is an essential and daily part of our activities. We select and offer a complete range of balancing weights for steel or aluminium rims. Formerly made of lead, these weights are manufactured today in Zamak (a zinc alloy) or steel, and come with springs or are self-adhesive. For trucks, Schrader Pacific Tire Hardware Solutions is the exclusive distributor of Counteract® balancing beads, which allow for automatically balancing each wheel by simply inserting a bag of these patented beads.

Service/repair equipment and tools

Schrader Pacific Tire Hardware Solutions provides all the necessary equipment for proper tire maintenance, from standard consumables such as tyre mounting paste, depth gauges, valve caps or cores, etc., to tools such as tire regroovers, tire levers, impact wrenches or jacks. We can also provide tire removal and balancing equipment. This list is not exhaustive. Please visit our online sales site to discover our complete range.

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