Values and corporate culture

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policy

As a supplier of smart valves and fluid control and management solutions on worldwide and competitive markets, Schrader Pacific Advanced Valve’s responsibility is to create and market innovative technological solutions that also factor in all health and safety requirements for its employees and customers, as well as ensuring environmental protection. Such is the challenge of today’s business world.

Schrader Pacific Advanced Valves systematically complies with the environmental safety rules imposed by its own HSE policy, as well as those of its customers and all public and regulatory authorities.

Schrader Pacific Advanced Valves is committed to the continuous improvement of its operations and the gradual reduction of the potential impact of its activities, with a focus on :

  • the working conditions, safety and productivity of its employees and processes;
  • the efficient use of natural resources;
  • pollution prevention.

This commitment is monitored through the definition and review of the relevant objectives, ensuring compliance by prevention and continuous improvement. To this end :

  • we comply with all applicable laws and regulations;
  • we seek to prevent any form of damage or pollution;
  • we constantly strive to improve our practices in the field of health, safety and the environment.

Schrader, Valeurs et culture d'entreprise

Quality policy

As a supplier of smart valves for safety applications, Schrader Pacific Advanced Valves has to ensure the best quality level for its customers, close to zero defects.

To this end, we do everything in our power to:

  • Meet customer requirements and improve customer relations.
  • Develop a corporate culture of total quality control and make zero defects a reflex among our staff.
  • Develop a Lean culture and visual management.
  • Develop human skills.
  • Enforce production standards.
  • Ensure category-based compliance with standard examinations and the compliance of instruments with regulatory requirements for pressure gauges.
  • Maintain our QSE certifications: IATF 16949 (Automotive), ISO 9001 (Industry), ISO 14001 (Environment) and ISO45001 (Safety) through a continuous improvement policy for our organization and the implementation of best practices.

The Quality of a company being the sum of the men and women who comprise it, Schrader Advanced Valve’s management undertakes to ensure adherence to this policy by all of the company’s employees.


Download our certifications by clicking on the links :

 Iso 9001 SchraderIso 14001 SchraderIso 18001 SchraderIso 16949 Schrader

Employment, human values and corporate culture

Some 500 people design and manufacture innovative and complex products that make a real difference to their skills and know-how.

This involves continuous improvement and personal growth where vital skills are concerned.

Exposed to world-class talent, our employees need to be culturally and organizationally focused on outcome and performance. Based on human values, the Schrader Pacific Advanced Valves corporate culture strengthens the partnership with our suppliers and maintains our sterling reputation and unfailing integrity with our customers.

Schrader Pacific Advanced Valves undertakes to support these principles, notably through the establishment of a specific business model associating our employees in such a way that everyone participates actively in the innovation of and passion for their profession.

Our vision is to encourage commitment to growth and development, the ability to think freely, ensuring responsibility and respect, so that our employees and products make a real difference.